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RSD-Arena is a venue wherein people having been diagnosed with Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome are able to communicate with other sufferers, to support one another or to generally talk and exchange information. Being sufferers ourselves, we are only too aware of the need at times, to have the support of others who are experiencing problems or maybe to seek advice relating to the condition. Whilst there already exists several RSD support groups, in the main, the support they offer is confined to those sufferers with internet access, the aim of the ‘Arena’ is, to bring together sufferers, regardless to the fact they may or may not have internet facilities. By establishing a data-base, people can then communicate with each other in whatever way they prefer, perhaps by telephone, writing or by e-mail, the choice is entirely the preference of each individual. The ‘Arena’ has also been successful in organising several informal regional meetings within the U.K. if you would like to be involved in any such event, perhaps even organizing one in your area, please visit our News-Page for details. 

Help-line: For questions on any topics relating to RSD/CRPS you can e-mail email.uk

General enquiries: For enquiries relating to the joining of the ‘Arena’ group and any other business, please e-mail email.uk


RSD-ARENA is a free to join non-profit making group, the ‘Arena’ does not have managers or trustees, everyone, involved with the group is regarded as an essential part of its operation.


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